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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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poverty. >> i think it's as mump to much that's it for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts now. thank you for joining us this hour. happy monday. in the presidential election of 1992, george h.w. bush was running for re-election against then democratic governor of arkansas, bill clinton. in that campaign in 1992, there was a late shock in the general election. one month before the general, one month before voters went to the pollination wide to make their decision for president in 1992, another candidate, a third candidate who had previously quit the race got back in. it was nuts. it was october, 1992, a month before the election. ross perot had been in the race
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as a third party independent candidate earlier in the year but he quit the race in july. he was out of the race and then months later he unquit and got back in in october. that was shocking in 1992 even before he got his explanation of why he had to quit in first place. ross perot explained that the previous reason he had given for why he had to quit the race had been a lie. it had been a cover story because the real truth was too scandalous and too dangerous to admit at the time. after he got back in october, 1992, right before the general election, he decided he was finally ready to go public. to go public with the whole unbelievable scandal of truth about why he had really been forcd out of race for all those months.
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>> he made the charge sunday in his first campaign outing since getting back this the race saying the republicans planned to distribute the fake photo of his daughter before her august 23rd wedding and to. >> smear her before her wedding and actually disrupt the wedding ceremony. >> he repeated the charges last night on 60 minutes. >> this is watergate two. >> top aides called the allegations preposterous. >> there hasn't been any dirty tricks. >> now he claims it was because the republicans mounted a dirty tricks campaign against his daughter. the family says the plan was to portray her as a lesbian. >> i got this report through an intermediary seeing he had seen a photograph they were going to give the tabloids to mere my daughter before the wedding and they were beginning to disrupt the wedding in the church. >> in the church.
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that's how ross perot explained why he got back in the presidential race when he did. that was a week before the election in 1992. he said, listen, what happened here, forget what i said before. what actually happened in his words was watergate two. he believed the republican party had ginned up a fake photograph that would make his daughter look like she was gay and they were going to use the faked lesbian photograph of his daughter to not only upset her ahead of her wedding but the republican party had plans to physically disrupt her wedding inside the church. that is why he had to quit the race back in july but now that the wedding had come and gone, it was okay. i guess it was safe to get back in the race. it was a very weird thing. it was a very strange thing. ross perot is a strange candidate. he did go onto win 19 to 20% candidate.
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that whole getting in and out of the race thing was period. i should also tell you the fake reason that ross perot gave when he did drop out of race in july, which he later said was a made up ruse that he used that they would show up and tell everybody she was a lesbian. the explanation what he didn't think he would be able to win the presidency in a three-way race between him and president bush and bill clinton. >> we have said among ourselves and publicly that we must win in november. we must win a majority of electoral votes. now that the democratic party has revitalized itself, i have concluded that we cannot win in november, and that the election will be decided in the house of representatives. since the house of representatives is made up primarily of democrats and republicans, our chances of winning would be pretty slim. >> that is how ross perot quit
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the presidential race in the summer of 1992 before several months later he got back into the race saying that explanation was a lie. he never meant any of that. it was all about his daughter looking like a lesbian at her wedding. people talk about the prospect of a third party or independent presidential campaign like a normal thing. that's something that happened before. we forget just how exquisitely weird it was. when michael bloomberg announced he would not mount his own run for the presidency this year, the reason he gave for why he won't run is the same reason why ross perot said he quit the race in the summer of 1992 before revising the explanation for being the whole lesbian disruption plot.
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michael bloomberg said it's unlikely any candidate would win a majority of votes and the power of the president would be taken out of hands of the american people and thrown to congress. most members of congress would vote for their party's nominee. it's ross perot minus the later revision of the reason he quit. then you will not get that this year from michael bloomberg. even though he will not run, we now know on the occasion of him quitting, just how big the operation was that he put into motion when he was considering the prospect of running. the new york times reports
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tonight that mr. bloomberg commissioned polling of his chances in 22 states. he opened campaign offices not just in texas as nbc reported last week but in north carolina. his would be presidential campaign produced this campaign ad. sort of a run of the mill tv ad talking about what a great success mike michael bloomberg has been in his life showing buildings where people work. the michael bloomberg might run for president campaign went so far to pick his running hate. he was going to try to run with michael mullin or maybe. it's being reported that michael bloomberg finished a vetting process. the campaign liked what they found. he didn't ask the admiral if he would join but the implication is he would have had he run. michael bloomberg took a lot of
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steps to investigate the possibility of whether he should run for president. alas, he will not. what that means for all of us, until july, at least, this is the field. one of these six people is on track to be the next president of the united states. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders continues to trail mightily in the delegate count even as he keeps winning states across the country. as hillary clinton won just one state this weekend. when you look at the overall progress that's about delegates, this was the delegate haul for those two candidates this weekend. this is the daunting delegate lead that secretary clinton holds over senator sanders overall. the next big contest will be competing. it shows secretary clinton with
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a 13-point lead in michigan but i should say both candidates are competing really hard in that state not only debating there this weekend but both of them making lots of campaign appearances in the state really slugging it out. on the republican side, michigan is also the biggest prize in terms of delegates tomorrow night. this evening on the eve of those contests the republican presidential front-runner is campaigning in mississippi. donald trump held a large rally in madison mississippi in what was a all white crowd in a not all white state. he's continued to rack up lopsided victories across the deep south. some of the troubling racial elements for his overt support for white supremacist groups and klan groups continues and
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continues to be unsettling. today we got the latest in the series of white nationalist robocalls that continue to go out on behalf of mr. trump. his campaign has nothing to do with them. >> this american national super pac makes this call in support of donald trump. i'm a farmer and white nationalist. this goes out to all millennials and other who is are honest in their dealings. mitt romney has viciously attacked donald trump. they are mean spirited and dishonest. the white race is being replaced by other people in america and in all white countries. donald trump stands strong as a nationalist. he cares about the working man. vote trump. >> this is one in a series of pro-trump robo calls that's been made by the overtly racist white nationalist group.
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usually they end by saying this is not associated with or paid for by the trump campaign. in this case they don't make the disclaimer. there's no indication the trump campaign is overtly connected with this at all. in terms of southern states there's not much left. mississippi will vote tomorrow. north carolina and florida will vote in a week on march 15th. it will be interesting to see if the trump campaigns continues to be surrounded by this overtly racist, white nationalist noise even as the republican campaign next week leaves the south and movers onto big delegate number states like wisconsin and new york and connecticut. it will be interesting to see if the ambient racist noise changes at all once he's not looking at all white electorates and republican primaries in those southern states. tomorrow will come first.
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along side mississippi voting tomorrow, the biggest will be michigan. the latest michigan polling on the republican side is from mommoth, michigan poll. donald trump is leading by 13. he's leading in michigan. that doesn't feel like news anymore. that puts poor marco in fourth place in michigan. the campaign reportedly is expecting a very bad night overall tomorrow night. a cnn report this evening sites one marco rubio campaign source talking about the campaign's expectation for tomorrow's contest. quote, we're not going to have a great day. that's an understatement. that comes in a story that's the worst possible headline. some rubio advisors say get out before florida.
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this is a report the campaign is denying tonight. that cnn headline follows this headline. some supporters of rubio say bad strategy and poorly run campaign are killing his chances. that follows this ugly lead story for marco rubio from politico. the headline is not as bad. rubio's path forward gets rockier. check out the lead. marco rubio is sinking further into a hole with donald trump and ted cruz heaping piles of dirt on top of him. he did win the puerto rico primary. the result means he's improved his record to only losing 18 out of last 20 states. the most of the 18 states he's lost he didn't even get second. most of them he's come in third.
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saturday was a disaster. his best was in kentucky and he lost by 20 points. everywhere else that voted on saturday he did worse. he came in fourth out of four in maine. he lost by 31 points in kansas. he campaigned hard and had high level endorsements but he did terribly this those states. kentucky was a miserable remind der that he's not just going to be not president. he's also not going to be anything else. he's also out of a job. senator rubio made this bold decision when he decided to run that he would give up his senate seat and not run for re-election in order to mount this run for the presidency. that's fine if you'll win. ben carson lives in florida and there is florida republican
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appetite for him to run for marco rubio's seat in the senate since it will be available. if and win marco rubio does not win the republican presidential no nomination, it will mean he doesn't have a next thing to do which is kind of remarkable. it did not have to be that way. rand paul did not make that same mistake. those kentucky caucuses where marco lost by 20 points, they are a mess. voting ended at 4:00. they expected to have results so people could make call in that race by 7:00. results took so long to come in that we didn't know who won until almost 11:00. there were long lines across the state. mostly because the party couldn't get it together or count the vote in any reasonable amount of time.
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they can be forgiven for being a little rusty. this is the first time they have held a caucus since 1984. the only thing they had to have a caucus is something that is making rubio crazy. rand paul didn't screw this up the same way marco rubio did. he decided he would run for re-election to his senate seat. he had a safety school. he was playing with a net. the reason that resulted in there being a caucus in kentucky is there's state law in kentucky that says you can't have your name on the same ballot for two different offices. they will vote for who they want for senate in a primary held in may. it was just for republicans to vote for president. the reason they did a separate primary was a favor to rand paul so he could run for both offices without being on the same ballot for two different offices at the
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same time. it's very nice for the republican party of kentucky to have done this favor for rand paul especially considering that he ended up dropping out of the race more than a month ago. they did make rand paul pay for the caucuses. he had to cough up $250,000 in campaign funds to pay for this fairly disorganized exercise that was put on just to benefit him. if you're a kentucky republican maybe it seems like it was worth it to you. if you're like a college sophomore who got all excited about rand paul this year and saved up and sent him a campaign donation, i can't imagine how it feels to know this is where your donation went. people who donated to the rand paul campaign for president ended up having their donations pay for the kentucky republican party to hold caucus in addition to the primary they're going the hold in may.
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that's what rand paul's campaign donations ended up going for. if he runs for anything again i'm sure it will be hard to explain to his supporters this is where your campaign donations went this year. i doubt he cares. he just wants to keep his job. marco rubio, unless he wins the presidency doesn't have that option. made of michigan and mississippi and idaho and the hawaii republican caucus tomorrow night, there is one major and increasingly escapable dynamic in the republican race. it concerns all the candidates. it's about donald trump and john kasich and ted cruz. it's becoming clear as day. the republican party as an institution appears to be in complete and total denial about it. the story is for real. we can tell from here it's going to make for a dramatic summer of politics. that story is coming up. stay with us.
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this is a very important picture. at one level this is a picture of an empty office. on another level this may be the reason why donald trump is about to lock up the republican presidential nomination. that story is next. stay with us. red lobster's lobsterfest is back. so come try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year, like lobster lover's dream or new dueling lobster tails. it's a party on every plate, and you're invited. so come in while it lasts.
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hey liquid wart remover? could! take weeks to treat. embarrassing wart? dr. scholl's freeze away wipes 'em out fast with as few as one treatment. freeze away! dr. scholl's. the #1 selling freeze brand. here are the southern states that have voted so far on the republican side. ted cruz has won his home state of texas and neighboring oklahoma. donald trump has won everywhere else. tomorrow night mr. trump will be trying to fill in that little gap in the map. mississippi where there's been no polling. the polling that does exist shows him in the lead. he's won all the other states that border mississippi.
9:23 pm
tonight he held rally in the jackson mississippi suburbs. that said, tonight mississippi's governor endorsed ted cruz. we'll see in mississippi. the other holes in the map in the south right now are north carolina and florida. both of them will be voting next week. then the whole southern part of the primary will be over next week. here's the thing about this next week. the whole reason everybody's already talking about florida, which votes a week from tomorrow. the reason everyone is talking about florida a week before they vote when there's all these other states between now and then, the reason talking about there only been seven days to stop donald trump from winning florida and winning the republican nomination is because there's only seven days for republicans to stop donald trump from winning florida and there by winning the republican nomination. mississippi and michigan are going to vote tomorrow. they matter for sure. mississippi and michigan combined have the same number of delegates that will be at stake in florida alone.
9:24 pm
in florida, whoever wins in the state of florida, wins all of those delegates. mathematically speaking there's only two real possibilities in the republican presidential race from here on out. either nobody locks up the nomination before the convention and the republican party goes to its convention without having chosen a nominee. that's one option. the other option available to the republican party right now besides that, the only other way it might go is that they will know who their nominee will be going into that convention because their nominee is going to be donald trump. when you look at the delegate math, no other candidate has a path to win a majority of delegates and lock up the nomination other than donald trump. if he's going to do it, if he's going to win it and deny anybody else the chance of getting it, the one state he has to win in other words -- in order to get there is florida, which is why everybody has been talking about florida and it's such a big deal
9:25 pm
that marco rubio is crater. conventional wisdom used to say he should win because he's the senator there. now it's nothing to say about rubio because of his campaign. if he is in free fall and the only way to stop donald trump from locking up the nomination is for somebody else to win florida, it's not going to be john kasich because he's putting all his eggs into a basket named ohio, which he is trying to win on the same day as the florida vote. would it be that ted cruz could deny donald trump a win in florida? on friday the ted cruz campaign announced they were opening ten campaign offices across florida. wow. boom. then over the weekend one of florida's top political reporters sent out this photo showing one of those supposed brand new ted cruz offices, the caption said the office looks
9:26 pm
empty. the ted cruz campaign was enraged by this tweet after lots of back and forth denying they were running fake campaign or trying to psych anybody out. they sent out this photo to show that indeed, at least somebody is working in some office they say is in florida. this is more than just funny back and forts. this is more than just badgering reporters and bragging rights. this is the key issue that will decide whether or not donald trump locks up the nomination or whether it will drag into the summer with nobody getting the nomination. it is just one state and a question about whether the other candidates can take it from donald trump. it's also everything in terms of whether or not donald trump is going to be the republican nominee for president. joining us now is mark caputo. senior political writer for politico. >> good to be back. >> the cruz campaign was upset
9:27 pm
you tweeted the picture of the empty office. have they persuaded you they are not faking a bigger ground game than they have in florida in. >> oh, no. what we don't know whether ted cruz campaign is an elaborate head fake or if he has a bold strategy to come into florida. the most recent poll that was released today show that only rubio really has a shot at beating donald trump. he trails hill 8 percentage points. cruz is at 17 points. he's not moving much in many of the recent polls. if he plays here and plays hard, in they fall through with the promise to attack him on air, that will hurt rubio and help donald trump. ted cruz is looking at coming to florida to help donald trump win in the hopes of beating donald trump. it furthers this odd dynamic
9:28 pm
where the guys keep fighting for seconds. he said like we're making all this money available. we're trying to tell the candidates is we're setting the table for you guys. you have to bring the food. don't get in a food fight with each other. it looks like there's a possibility ted cruz might be coming down and slinging some chicken bones and the like at marco rubio and starting a food fight. we don't really know because there's a possibility he's going to tie marco rubio down into florida and figure, we're going to force rubio to stay down here. we'll have a whole bunch of other states to compete in. it's like 190 delegates available from tuesday through saturday. march 15th, there's a bunch of other states that will vote. if rubio takes the 99 delegates, which is not likely, then you'd have rubio kind of declaring victory by winning his own state while everyone else carves up
9:29 pm
the spoils everywhere else. it's a pretty good position for ted cruz to be in. his campaign has been excellent on the merits of running the xs and os. we don't know what he'll do. >> in terms of how people are campaigning, do you feel like anything is being, any low hanging fruit is out there? anything being left on the table? >> i can speak to florida most definitely. one of the things clear is the staff might have gotten a bit of a late start in banking early votes. now we're in middle of early in person voting. 600,000 republicans have cast ballots. more than that in the republican primary in florida.
9:30 pm
that's out of about two million, maybe more than two million that's been cast already. today's poll indicated that rubio is winning the absentee and early ballots that have been cast. while everyone has been writing off rubio, he's narrowed it down to single digits and he's banking early voting. >> mark caputo. a person that is good at shouting back nicely at people who shout at you on twitter. >> i didn't do a show on hannity the other day. i got all in a wad. >> i plead ignorance. i don't know who that is. the important thing about florida in terms of getting the nomination is if donald trump wins there's no way to stop him for locking up the nomination which means nobody else will have a shot at it. getting second place may be more exciting than getting third
9:31 pm
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today when michael bloomberg announced he will not run, he did go through the trouble of vetting and choosing his would be running mate. we know had he run for president, we would have liked to run with admiral mike mullin. also the marco rubio campaign a national adviory council. today's been a day in which presidential candidates and might have been presidential candidates have been floating big names in national security.
9:39 pm
you know what, michael bloomberg's not running and marco rubio has lost 18 of the last 20 states, most of them by coming in third, not even second. if you care about national security and our politics around national security, and you want to know what the republican party most likely nominee has to offer. you can't look at michael bloomberg or marco rubio. you have to go to a man who kicked off his presidential campaign by proclaiming he had a secret plan to defeat isis but he couldn't talk about it. >> we have to do something because isis is truly bad. isis is far worse than iraq was ever going to be. we have to go in there very, very powerfully and strongly. >> doing what? right now the president has air strikes. 15 or so air strikes. we have a coalition dropping bombs. we don't have much on terms of boots on the ground to give information to our bombers. what would you do? >> first of all, they have no
9:40 pm
respect for our president. that's one thing for sure. i do know what to do. i would know how to bring isis to the table or beyond that defeat isis quickly. i'm not going to tell you what it is. >> why won't you tell us? >> i'll tell you what -- >> we need a dialogue on this. we need a dialogue. >> if i win, i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. i'll probably have to tell at some point. there's a method of defeating them quickly and effectively and having total victory. all i can tell you is that it's a full proof way of winning. i'm not talking about what some people would say. it's a full proof way of winning the war with isis. it will be 100%, they will let a minimum come to the table. >> 100% full proof. that's hen he first entered the
9:41 pm
race since being all but the party's nominee. he has elaborated on that plan. this is how he says he's going to defeat isis. >> no, i think we are weak. i think we're weak. we cannot beat isis. we should beat them very quickly. general patton would have had them down in about three days. >> nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. nobody. i will find within our military, i will find the general patton or i will find general mcarthur. i will find the right guy. i will find the guy that's going to take that military and make it really work. nobody, nobody will be pushing us around. >> when they say what are you going to do with isis, i have absolutely plans. i told you about the oil. what is that? it's isis.
9:42 pm
get them down. shoot that guy down so fast your head would win. what do you think general mcarthur would do? what do you think general george patton would do with isis? how long do you think isis would been around with general george patton who's a rough, tough guy. you don't get rougher but his people loved him. they do anything for him and they die for him. we don't have that today. today we have generals that go on television and say, well, isis is very tough. it's very hard. believe me, we have the right people, we have the right minds. we have the great military. it's seriously depleted. people shouldn't do this. he goes on television and says our military is the most depleted of any time he's seen or heard of.
9:43 pm
that might mean like from the beginning. honestly, he's a good man. he shouldn't say that. >> when mr. trump says general oriodno, i think he means the former army chief of staff. who knows? maybe there's a general oriodno out there who is bothering mr. trump on the issue of isis. one of the amaze things is the republican front-runner speaks with absolutely no coherence. forgive me but no coherence on what many people think is the most urgent national security threat. for almost a year he's continuously spoken about defeating isis and how he will defeat isis and talks about it in broad terms. none of which makes much sense even when you listens to what he says on a loop. there is another option crafted
9:44 pm
by a man who has opinion working in the field under the radar. msnbc is doing this seven days of genius thing this week. i picked this guy who is here for the interview tonight who is here more my nominee as unsung genius. i propose candidates left and right start copying from him. he joins us next. say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them.
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the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. we have the beat the savages. >> and throw all rules out? >> we have to beat the savages. >> by being savages. >> well, you have to play the game the way they're playing the game. >> they've not distinguished themselves when it comes to depth on national security issues on on fighting isis. what i'm here to do now is offer a service. i hearby offer all the candidates something you want to cheat from if you're asked about the subject again.
9:47 pm
malcolm is here for the interview tonight. mr. nance has written a book that is a good thing to cheat from if you're candidate. defeating isis, who they are, how they fight. what they believe. it's great to see you. >> didn't we do this six years ago, this very same subject. >> talking about defeating al qaeda and defeating isis are on the same family tree. i was surprised at how isis, specific your analysis is about how to beat them. you're not talking about them as an insurgency somewhere. you're specific in terms of who they are and how that unlocks the key to get them. >> sure. everyone thinks this is something new. when we last met we were talking about al qaeda in iraq and al qaeda universal. if al qaeda is an intelligence organization, a super covert
9:48 pm
organization than isis is the equivalent of a flash mob with guns. these two groups have the same ideological vent. as we're seeing this last week, we found bin laden's papers found he was deathly afraid of this. he did not want this rapid rise because he knew that groups like isis would rapidly fail. >> when you see the level of debate and the language that's used to debate the idea of defeating in american politics, i know enough that do you find it depressing. is it actually dangerous? is the way we're handling this as a political issue hurtful toward america coming up with a good strategy against them? >> absolutely. the rhetoric that's out there right now is lethal.
9:49 pm
it's lethal. we have u.s. intelligence officers sitting in the middle east right now in their covert places with a muslim ally with them. we have special forces laying out all night with their muslim allies sitting next to them. you know, our alies have to be saying do you believe the rhetoric that's coming out of your country. which america will manifest in six months. we have a lot of green on blue incidents in afghanistan where people either infiltrated the afghan national army or switched. they were killing u.s. soldiers. we don't need to give our enemies another rhetorical reason to come after us. they have plenty of reasons themselves. why do we need to >> this idea about talking about isis as a cult is -- to me it's very, very
9:50 pm
interesting because i feel like we have gone through a period in american rhetoric, left, right, and center, where we've stopped talking about the relationship between groups like this and islam mostly because there's different levels of both right-wing and left-wing political correctness on that subject. but you maintain that isis should be described as -- specifically as a cult offshoot of islam that is not representative of the religion. >> sure. we discussed this very fact six years ago when we were talking about al qaeda's ideology. it was cultist ideology. >> and there is a history of death cults in zplam just as there is in other religions. >> there have preceded al qaeda/isis core ideology five other cults in islam. and the first one was a group called the hawadich which means the outsiders. the prophet muhammad warned against these people. in fact, nothing insults -- calling isis da esch does not
9:51 pm
insult them. call them the hawadich like the syrian government does, like the true muslims do and they get horribly upset. they threatened to behead all of their enemies last year if you keep calling them hawadich. but what are you going to do? how many times can you behead these guys? isis hates this because it brings about the fact that they are a sect and they have corrupted islam. islam, traditional islam, say what you will about it, has built-in tolerance, respect and peace built into it in the koran. even the prophet muhammad warned that there need to be safeguards against people who loved and admired war, and he wanted that taken out. 1,439 years of islam have weaned out all the tendencies we think of in that original battle up and down the saudi hijaz in the year 632. isis wants to eliminate all tolerance, all respect, and they view the muslim base, that 1.6 billion people, as their first
9:52 pm
victim set. you either join them like that first cult, the hawarach, or you are considered no longer a muslim and they can kill you. >> you don't have to become an expert like you are in order to become more facile and responsible in the way they talk about isis. but learning some of these stories you tell in this book is not only good for us as citizen but i'm not being tongue in cheek i think the candidates ought to read this. thank you for doing this. good timing, my friend. >> it's always my pleasure. >> congratulations. thanks, man. the book is called "defeating isis: who they are, how they fight, what they believe." the author is malcolm nance. you should buy this book. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable. luckily, alka seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms.
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introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. you guys, you guys, you guys, you guys, you guys. we forgot to poof ben carson. ben carson quit and i slept right through it. >> and i'm hopeful that maybe some people, now that i am leaving the campaign trail -- yeah. >> that was the announcement. that was friday. i fall asleep right in the middle of it. i totally forgot to poof him on the show. so now to make it right i've got to do it. we started the republican race for president as you know with 17 people officially running. then we were down -- poof -- to five. and then when we were supposed to go from five to four i fell asleep.
9:55 pm
i forgot. but now i'm going to make it right. dr. carson, you ready? three, two, one! poof. see you soon in the race for marco rubio's senate seat in florida, sir. i'm sorry i forgot to poof you before.
9:56 pm
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9:59 pm
tells us tonight that dozen of people are going to be out tomorrow on the occasion of the primary recruiting volunteers to become signature gatherers for the recall campaign. polling places in detroit covered tomorrow as well as a bunch of polling stations in flint. that signature campaign is going to be a heavy lift. they'll need to gather nearly 800,000 signatures in 60 days in order to qualify the recall for the november ballot. so they want to start getting volunteers now who will become signature gatherers. then they're going to actually start gathering the signatures on easter weekend. by easter weekend pastor bullock's group wants to have 3,000 michigan volunteers fanning out across the state, starting on the sidewalks in front of easter sunday church services. they're going to be aiming to get 300,000 to 400,000 signatures of the 800,000 that they need. they think they can get 300,000 just in that first weekend. it all starts tomorrow, though, with recruiting the volunteers they're going to need to make it happen. while the state will also simultaneously be voting in one of the biggest presidential primaries of the season. so big day in my life today. big day in michigan for a bunch of reasons tomorrow.
10:00 pm
that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow starting at 6:00 eastern for the start of our primary night coverage. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> have you seen horace and pete? >> horace and pete. no. >> no? well, it's louis c.k.'s newest show. and i can't tell you about it because he doesn't want me to tell you about it. >> okay. >> but you can watch it on his website. and now i'm going to explain to everyone out there why i'm not going to tell them about it. >> horace and pete. >> horace and pete. >> i've got to go do that. >> thanks, rachel. >> yep. thank you. >> louis c.k. did something out of character this weekend. he talked about politics. actually, he wrote about it in an extraordinary e-mail about donald trump. and as luck would have it, i'll be joined by the perfect person, the person would lives at the intersection of politics and show business, to discuss louis c.k.'s reach into politics from show business. frank rich will be my first guest. >> trump is now leading ted uz


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